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《Sex-Education》, Maurice A. Bigelow
《Sex Education》, Wile, Ira S. (IraSolomon)


Sex education

Masturbation is almost a universal habit at this age. It is in a sense the expression of a normal curiosity as to the function of the genital organs. The spirit of investigation
gives rise to the initial experience and it is not an evidence of degeneracy or inherent viciousness. The continuance of this practice depends upon the strength of the boy's
will and his understanding that self-abuse is a potent factor in destroying his physical,mental, and moral comfort. To pass from self-abuse to the abuse of one of the
feminine sex is a short step when the pressure of the gang is behind the boy and there is no guiding hand to restrain him. It is regrettable that there are fathers who
at this serious time of indecision feel impelled to tell the boy that sexual intercourse is necessary to his well-being.

Such advice is as pernicious as untrue. The American Medical Association representing the consensus of medical opinion in the United States, has repeatedly
by resolution repudiated the false doctrine that sexual continence is incompatible with health. The father who counsels his son to worship at the shrine of Venus is
assuming a tremendous responsibility for the physical welfare of his boy. He is a greater source of danger to his son and to the community than the timid parent who
does not dare to broach the subject to his child whom he regards most innocent. Oh, the blindness of fathers who do not recall their own boyhood and the extent of their
sex information after the age of thirteen years! As a caution to such men, let it be remembered that ignorance and innocence are not equivalents. The boys of the
cities are for the most part wise in their ignorance before puberty is well under way. Masturbation requires personal attention more during the last years of this age
of chivalry than at any other time. It is the opportunity of preventing the habit that presents itself. Younger boys learn the practice from older boys and loose
companionships at puberty are dangerous. Guidance against this practice may well be anticipatory. By calling attention to the necessity of caring for the genital organs
so as to preserve their health, by encouraging general ideals of cleanliness much may be accomplished. The damage of this solitary vice is visited upon the nervous system
and the psychic centers. The warnings coupled with threats of physical punishment are of little avail. Appeals to self-restraint, self-respect and on the grounds of healthare of far greater value. Calling upon pride, ambition and manliness has more potential power where there is added thereto an intelligent discussion of the interrelation of the general health of the body and the health of all its parts. To cause children to realize that the accomplishment of their desires and ideals depends upon their freedom from selfhandling gives an impetus to self-control that is
otherwise lacking. Some precocious youths secure additional strength in the idea that their potential paternity may be sacrificed through the stimulation of their
sexual selves at this period of immaturity.

While the above refers to the psychical effect of youthful errors, young men should learn that there is also a physical side to the same problem. Eminent
physicians assert that many men have completely and permanently destroyed their sexual functions by extensive dissipations, either by masturbation or by natural
relations ; and that very many more have injured themselves so that perfection of the physical basis of love and marriage is impossible.

The Problem of Self-control for Young Men
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在这个年龄段, 手淫几乎是一种普遍习惯。从某种意义上说,这表现了对生殖器官功能的好奇心。 探究的精神使他们有了对手淫的最初体验,手淫并不是堕落或邪恶的表现。手淫是否持续取决于男孩的意志力及其对手淫的理解,即手淫有损自己的身体和精神。来自同辈的压力且没有人指导他、约束他时, 手淫很容易进一步发展成对女性的虐待。很遗憾,在这样的重要时期, 有些父亲会告诉优柔寡断的男孩,性交是种美好体验。

这种建议既不健康也不正确。 美国医学会代表美国医学界的共识,通过决议一再否定禁欲与健康不相关的错误说法。劝导自己儿子去神社做祭拜的父亲对儿子的身体健康负有巨大责任。有些父母亲很胆小,不敢向单纯的孩子提起性话题,相比这种父母,上面提到的那种父亲对儿子和社会才是更大的危险源。哦,有些父亲 13 岁以后便不再回忆自己的童年时期及掌握的性知识,这种父亲太无知!要对这些人做些警告,让他们记住无知并不等同于纯真。青春期之前,大部分城市里的男孩子都很无知。

在激情阶段的最后几年里, 手淫比任何时候都需要更多的个人关注。这是一个防止手淫习惯的好时机。年轻的男孩们从年长的男孩身上学习这种行为,但在青春期,独处很危险。为预防这种行为,需提前进行引导。引导方式有:让人们注意到有必要保护生殖器官,以保持健康;提高大众的清洁意识。 这种独处的恶习能对神经精神系统造成危害。警告再加体罚威胁收效胜微。提倡自我克制、自我尊重及为健康着想更有意义。 倡导自尊、雄心壮志和男子气概有着更大的潜在力量,另外还对身体整体健康与身体各部分健康之间的相互关系进行了讨论。让孩子们认识到,他们愿望和理想的实现取决于他摆脱手淫之后的自由,而这为自制提供了动力,否则就会缺失自控力。一些早熟的年轻人认为在身体不成熟时期刺激性功能,可能会使他们丧失潜在的当爸爸的资格。



青年男子的自制问题以及正常年轻人的激情控制问题被许多作家和讲师不科学地低估了。应该指出的是,有些男人早已忘记了自己刚成年时的疯狂期。有些女人也不知道,有事实表明,年轻男子的性本能是非常积极的、侵略性的、自发的、主动的,而女人的性本能一般来说是很被动的,受制于外界刺激,尤其是与情感有关的刺激。 如此健忘的男人和无知的女人倾向于认为,很多年轻男人缺乏自控仅仅是由于“原罪”、 “天生邪恶”、 “坏朋友”或“不可抗拒的诱惑”; 但他们忽视了一个重要的事实:对健康男青年来说,在婚前保持完美的性自控的确是一个问题,而包括酒精诱惑在内的其他问题, 则问题不大。这就是男青年的处境,假如老一辈没有采取理解与同情的态度,那么男青年什么都得不到,反而会失去很多。我怀疑是否有年轻人在这种反复强调的话语的帮助下,度过青年危机,因为“一个年轻人没有理由像他的妹妹那样误入歧途, ”或者换句话说, 对于一个年轻的男人来说,自制与同龄女孩一样容易。一个观察力敏锐的年轻人会怀疑这种说法,但如果他能够接触到科学信息,他就会确信,真的有人试图通过专家在道德说教中普遍采用的那种夸张手法来影响他。 显而易见的事实是,确实有一个生理上的“原因”或解释, 即便这并不是自制失败的正当理由。 有些作家认为,在青春期早期,男孩和女孩在性本能上几乎是平等的,受到的保护也是相同的,即使我们接受这些荒诞的说法,但我们需要铭记,每个正常的男孩都在青春期早期经历了特殊的生理变化,而这激发了他最深处的本能。我所指的尤其是经常发生的无意识性勃起及偶尔发生的夜间遗精,这些过程让男孩完全了解性快感的本质、来源和吸引力。健康的男青年自我克制后,尤其会发生自动遗精的现象, 因为这与精液释放有关。性机制的每一个神经中枢似乎都参与到最终的性快感之中,被唤醒的人通常都非常愉悦。 简而言之,当男人回顾他们成年早期时,他们会明白,有正常性经历的成年期男孩的生理感受,与之后才性交的人仅在强烈程度上不同。简单地说,这就是青春期男孩的正常生理经历,而控制手淫的人可能更加意识到这样一个事实:性器官活动中常见的一系列变化会导致强烈的兴奋,而这种兴奋具有不可抗拒的吸引力。

现在,大多受过科学训练的女性似乎同意,健康的正常年轻女性在青春期早期没有类似的现象。少数成熟女性,一些是医生,报告她们在青春期时有局部肿胀和其他一些干扰,这使她们明确地意识到性本能。然而,应该指出的是,大多数人都有个人病史,包括一种或多种异常,如痛经、子宫移位、病态卵巢、白带、肺结核、 手淫、神经衰弱、花痴或其他足以引起局部性刺激的干扰。总之,这些女性是有问题的。这些事实已使很多医生得出一个结论:一个健康的少女并不经历这些自然变化,使她明确地意识到局部性快感的本质、来源和吸引力。相反,只是与情感相联系而产生的刺激结果才会有这种意识。显然,声称个体内产生的性诱惑对两性是很平等的,这是无稽之谈。女孩可能有和男孩一样强烈的激情,但她们并没有如此强烈地意识到她们自我潜在的本能。

在一些生理学家看来,对手淫长期受害者所造成的最大伤害在于对假想性处境的过度关注。 尤其是意淫。 因此,青少年和年轻人应该了解手淫和其可能造成的精神状态紊乱之间的关系


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